How to Drive Free Traffic from the Search Engines

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How To Get Free Traffic From Google   by Magnus

Google has been the world's most favorite search engine and they really mean business. Being the most favored web crawler, Google is behind the success of many SEO marketers and search engine optimization experts. Through website optimization with Google, they generate 'violation traffic' to their websites and convert most to profit.
Adequate traffic has been the best and hardest part of any online business. Despite that, few internet marketers behave as if they have the traffic ticket from God. Where some are still driving suspended 'license' of fines traffic.
Notwithstanding, the secret to free traffic generation with Google has only been discovered. Most internet SEOs and website optimization experts pay for this system. But a lot more go through the back door and Google can not do any thing about it; because the free traffic system does not bridge google's policy.
Google and Yahoo! are the most used search engines on the Internet with about 35% of all Internet searches run on them. That's about 80% of all Internet traffic from just two search engines when you consider Google's affiliation with AOL, Netscape, and others. Recently there have been major changes on both these engines. And website rankings in these search engines were swapped. Many sites with top placements have lost their positions while others have achieved top positions on both engines without doing anything
The best news is that you can take advantage of these changes to your profit.
Here are some of the changes on Google
Ranking system in Google now takes ultimate consideration on quality of your site and that of other websites that linked to your site and those you link to.
Now Google and Yahoo search results are displayed on the same page, unlike before.
Submission to Google is free but it costs a lot on Yahoo. Listing in Yahoo is noted for unique content and quality. But now, every listing in Google will be getting the same listing in Yahoo for free. So your site appears in the same rank for both search results.
Use this strategy
You now know that your Yahoo rank is determined by your Google rank. So if you are doing well in Google, you must also do well in Yahoo. No discrimination!
The internet is a bunch of information and the job of the search engines is to provide their users with the best qualitative search result on the net. So the web with the quality content will always be ranked in Google.
So getting good ranking in Google has always involved getting as many high quality links to your site as possible. It's even more important now. It's also important to make sure that your outgoing links take your visitors to high quality pages.
Now Google has released a toolbar that provides you with an insider's method to help boost your ranking while you help them deliver quality and informative content to users. You can install this toolbar here
Click on the Google icon after installing the toolbar and choose TOOLBAR OPTIONS. Enable the ADVANCED OPTIONS.
Look for a headline that says "PAGE INFORMATION" and check to "INCLUDE VOTING BUTTONS" on your toolbar. You will see new smiley and frowning face icons on your toolbar. These are important, as you can send an instant ranking suggestion to Google for relevant keywords used in the search results generated by Google.
Near the bottom of that page you will see "EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES" click on the text link to customize these features. There is a feature here that disables exit popups in your browser.
Getting high quality free-targeted traffic from Google and Yahoo! can be a daunting task, but for many of us it's the only affordable method to get traffic. That's why there are SO many books written about search engine optimization. If it was easy, anyone could do it. The top listings go to the top optimizers and to the highest quality websites, which is as it should be.
Success in the search engines is about providing unique and compelling content related to your product, service, or solution in order to earn your visitor's confidence and credibility, BEFORE you ask for the sale.
Do you want more secrets? There is a video compilation that will take you through a whole lot of tactics you can apply. It takes a total playing time of 73minutes. And you can play it on your computer. Check it out here
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