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How to Start an Internet Business - The Essentials of Domain Names   by Scott D. Henderson

It can be said that most people do give careful attention to the naming of their domain, but it can also be said that many times they fail to consider the success value in their choice. One of the very basic principles of how to start an Internet business is to first determine what you are branding.
Branding is the essential core to your marketing campaign, it is the element that remains consistent throughout your many different types of marketing. Most of us do not have the resources to start an online business with massive amounts of advertising that would be needed to drive traffic to our new site therefore we must give careful attention to the branding, right down to the domain name.
It's one thing to have a nice sounding domain name and it is another that to have a domain name that has a purpose, and in business that means making money. Let me explain by using an example of starting a business in the cooking niche.
John "Pizza" Doe loves to cook pizza and has a good idea about a website devoted to low calorie, healthy heart pizza recipes. He may even want to write a cookbook one day. So like most people he gives careful thought about a clever and catchy name for the site. He comes up with "". That's not bad and it has a clever play on words.
The problem is that it is just the type that is going to take either a lot of advertising or great deal of effort over a long period of time to gain traffic. There a few ways to remedy this. One way is to choose multiple domain names with a redirect in place.
First, Keyword Research should be used to come up with a domain name related to web user searches, in this case those that are looking for healthy pizza recipes. Next, John should brand himself as well, after all he is thinking about a cookbook someday.
So after some Keyword research he finds that "healthy pizza recipes" is a phrase that gets over 200 searches per day and has very little competition. and domains are available for this exact phrase so he buys both "". To brand himself he simply buys "".
He is still going to buy the "" domain in addition to the other three, but he will focus on "" to drive traffic and have the other domains redirected to this site. He may even consider using one of them as a blog.

The main point here is if you are selling a product, use Keyword research to find a good domain name. If you are branding yourself you'll obviously want to get a domain that includes your name. Then buy any other domains you like and use your hosting plan to redirect them.
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Scott Henderson is a full time Internet Marketer and is also retired U.S. Air Force. He teaches and coaches others on how to become successful online entrepreneurs.